The first site that I use on a regular basis is titled Concept Cookie.  It has a ton of information and tutorials on various graphic design projects that I use in my art classes.  Whenever I find myself stuck and needing something new for project ideas I always turn to this site.  The site is not a blog but it is loaded with videos showing step by step how to complete each project.  Tim, the site owner and I have spoken a few times about his site as I encouraged him to keep up the good work.  I also asked him for permission to use some of his videos in my own class.  Check out some of his time lapse videos and I think you will be impressed with his work and his dedication to the digital art world.

Website –

The next blog that I came across is Linnea West’s blog that critiques art work.  I use this blog from time to time in my class room because she does a great job in reviewing artists work.  Her views are fresh and interesting and I love showing them to students during our art history contemporary periods.  She has a great sense of humor and that is one thing I use in my own teaching style.  Her blog can be found below

Website –


The next blog I use is titled the Scope Art Show.  The blog shows a lot of photographs that are very powerful and moving.  Photography is a subject that I have always struggled with creating new ideas for projects.  The Scope Art Show helps me in creating new ideas and also help motivate students in what photographs can become.  One big plus with the blog is the fact that it is updated regularly and with the RSS feed option it’s easy to keep up to date with the new photographs the site comes across.  The blog can be found below

Website –

As you can see, most of the websites that I keep an eye on mainly deal with art, and helping me come up with project ideas.  That to me is the most difficult part of my job, which is continually coming up with fresh new projects year after year.  I rarely use the same project each year, I try to come up with new things every semester.  It’s sites like the ones above that help make my job easier. 


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