Today our society has grown through the use of complex communication.  We no longer find the need to have face-to-face meetings or even phone calls for that matter.  Social Networking has changed the way businesses advertise and market their product while friends and family stay in touch.  Many of these tools help create both professional and personal relationships. 

            If you look at my mindmap you will see a variety of tools that help me create projects and tutorials for classes I teach at Springfield High.  These tools have not only changed the way I teach but also change many aspects of my personal life.  For example, I try to build or fix anything that breaks in my home.  I hate the idea of paying someone to do it, when I can do it using all the resources the internet provides today.  Youtube has been a huge resource for this and one that I find myself using time and time again.  If I don’t know how to tile a shower wall, I simply hop on Youtube and find out exactly how to do it.  Some videos are simple, while others give very detailed information.   Connections are built through the use of comments below each video.  Can’t seem to get something to work?  Just ask the creator of the video.  Each of the tools on my mindmap serve a unqiue purpose, but the one that I use most are the tools that show me visually how to do it.  If it only explains in text, then I seem to struggle with completing the task.  (I am a visual learner)

            These networks all support the theory behind connectivism.  Stephen Downes explains that connectivism is literally the set of connections formed by actions and experience.  These connections form naturally, through the process of association.  (Downes, S. 2007)  All of these networks listed on the mindmap are formed by me taking the action of setting up an account and gathering information through professional or personal experience. 





Downes, S. 2007.  What Connectivism Is.  Stephen Downes Blog.  Retrieve from 


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